Our Services

Rapid offers comprehensive centralized  imaging and dosimetry solutions for data acquired at one or more institutions participating in a multi-center trial of a radiopharmaceutical therapeutic or diagnostic agent.

You can expert consultation on every aspect of the services we provide.


Guidance & advice on best practices for imaging acquisition for dosimetry

  • Number of time points
  • Acquisition duration
  • Collimator, acquisition setting specifications

Secure image and data transfer

  • File Encryption
  • Scalability
  • Cloud-Based Platform

Centralized vendor-independent quantitative image reconstruction of SPECT/CT images

  • Including radionuclides previously considered either not possible to image or very challenging (e.g., α-particle emitters)

Centralized whole-organ or voxelized normal organ or tumor dosimetry

  • Consistent with MIRD Committee and ICRP guidelines
  • Can incorporate special considerations associated with α-emitter dosimetry

Radiobiological analysis of dosimetry results to relate dosimetry to tumor control probability and also to potential normal tissue toxicity

  • Including dose-rate adjustment to relate radiopharmaceutical doses to radiotherapy experience
  • Use of appropriate RBE value for α-particle emitters

Detailed, FDA-ready report w/ exact description of methodology and results

  • including input data
  • assumptions used in the calculations