We offer comprehensive centralized imaging and dosimetry solutions for data acquired at one or more institutions participating in a multi-center trial of a radiopharmaceutical therapeutic or diagnostic agent.

Consulting: Image Acquisition

  • Number of time points
  • Acquisition duration
  • Collimator
  • Energy window
  • Calibration
  • Multi-center standardization

Centralized dosimetry

  • Standard phantom and voxelized patient specific
  • Normal organ and tumor dosimetry
  • Diagnostic or therapeutic radionuclides
  • Consistent with MIRD Committee and ICRP guidelines.
  • Experts at incorporating special considerations associated with α-emitter dosimetry

Centralized Quantitative Reconstruction

  • Methods that are independent of camera manufacturer
  • Advanced compensation for scatter, downscatter, crosstalk from daughter radionuclides
  • Advanced compensation for collimator response including septal penetration and scatter
  • Advanced partial-volume compensation
  • Experience with diagnostic radionuclides including Tc-99m, I-123, In-111, Tl-201
  • Experience with therapeutic radionuclides including I-131, Y-90, Lu-177, Ra-223, Th-227, Pb-212
  • Methods that are extensible to very challenging radionuclides (e.g., α-particle emitters)

Radiobiological analysis of dosimetry results

  • Relate dosimetry to tumor control probability and
    to potential normal tissue toxicity
  • Perform dose-rate adjustment to relate
    radiopharmaceutical doses to radiotherapy experience
  • Use of application-specific RBE value for α-particle emitters

Secure Image & Data Transfer


Detailed, FDA-ready reports

  • Exact description of methodology and results, including input data, assumptions used in the calculations