Who We Are

We are focused on providing state-of-the art quantitative imaging and dosimetry services and products for developers and providers of radiopharmaceutical therapies.

Experts in the field

We draw our expertise from a combined 45+ years of NIH-funded research

Our products and services provide expert dosimetry analysis accompanied by the advice needed to address regulatory requirements, design appropriate imaging protocols, select patients mostly likely to respond, reduce toxicities to normal organs, and optimize patient outcomes.

Rapid's Unique expertise

Precision RPT is enabled by Rapid’s absorbed-dose calculations software

Service Number One

Absorbed-dose calculations accompanied by error bars improve confidence in dosimetry calculations

Service Number Two

Founders are innovators and academic thought-leaders in this field

Absorbed-dose calculations can accommodate alpha and beta emitter RPT

Service Number Three

Service Number Four

Uniting External Beam Radiation Therapy (XRT) and Radiopharmaceutical Therapy (RPT)

SPECT/CT or PET/CT images of RPT distribution used to estimate the spatial distribution of absorbed dose

Service Number Five

our experts

Our team is comprised of leading industry experts with extensive experience

George Sgouros
Eric Frey
Chief Scientific Officer
Michael Ghaly
Chief Technology Officer & Chief Operating Officer
Omid Moghadam
Chairman of The Board
Bin He
Chief of Medical Physics Operations
Hany Mekhaeil
Operations Manager
Nadine Bonds
Director of Quality Assurance
Paul Seltzer
Director of Software Development
Andrew Laughland
Software Developer
David Niles
Medical Physicist
James Dormer
Medical Physicist
Kandice Bailey
Quality/Regulatory Specialist

We understand the importance of collaboration in our industry and work closely with partners to help achieve our mission of developing innovative technology.

If you are interested in partnering with us, we want to hear from you.


Our next-generation dosimetry & radiopharmaceutical technology has been recognized by many prestigious organizations and we have received numerous awards and grants including:

national cancer institute

SBIR Grant & Supplement

Development and Validation of a Collaborative Web-Based Quantitative Imaging and Dosimetry System for Radiopharmaceutical Therapy

national cancer institute

SBIR Contract

Software for Optimal Combination of External Beam Radiotherapy (XRT) and Radiopharmaceutical Therapy (RPT)

national cancer institute

SBIR Grant

Quantitative SPECT of Difficult to Image Therapeutic Radionuclides: An Extensible Cloud-Based Framework

national cancer institute

SBIR Contract

Treatment optimization by combined α-emitter (αRPT)/radiotherapy (XRT) dosimetry for prostate cancer patients.

national cancer institute

SBIR Grant

Cloud/Subscription based, Customer-Responsive Dosimetry Tool for alpha-Particle Emitters

national cancer institute

SBIR Contract

Targeted Radionuclide Therapy of Metastatic Liver Cancer: Patient Specific Optimization